The Northern Alliance

And They Call It A Mine: The party gets a little iron in its diet

A quick summation of our most recent outing. Has it been a month? Good golly, where does the time go? To bullet points then:

1. In the absence of Lucas (shanghaied by the Thieves Guild for horrible experiments at the hands of the shadowy figure, “The Trevian”) Maelgwyn joined the party. In his quest to discover what dark magical fate befell his comrades, he found his way to noted scholar of dark magics, Thoumont. The old shop proprietor hooked this eladrin ranger up with our band of fellow pointy-ears.

2. Following the lead of the turncoat half-orc who ratted out his bandint band, the party made a a pre-dawn visit to the abandoned iron mine where the tomb robbers lurked. They failed to notice the two outpost sentires in a a tree outside the mine entrance. A fight ensued with an elven archer and a daft human fighter. The archer pleaded for his life in exchange for information about what lay within. After a merciful Gareth released him, the archer bolted—but Maelgwyn dropped him with an arrow in his back. “Wow, the new guy is hardcore,” said Lia.

3. Turns out he deserved it: He lied. He directed the party straight into a crossbow trap, followed by a waiting band of filthy orcses, who had been alerted by the sentries’ bell. It was a nasty knife fight in a phone booth, but hey, all orcs fail in the end.

4. The party turned the corner and walked straight into the next trap: a mine cart booby trapped with lances, spears, and burning explosives. Boompow! The guys who pushed it down upon them stood at the top of the ramp peppering our party with arrows. Ouch! Despite the devastatingly deadly trap (and the freshly oil-slicked incline -and yes, Lia, the DM now agrees it should have ignited before the villain tipped it - sorry, botched call) the party pushed through, killing one of the two lurking bandits.

5. The escaping bandit slipped inside a door and barred it. Inside, it became quickly apparent that a sizable host of arms was being alerted and readied. “Come in, come in!” came the mocking voices within. “Are you selling Girl Ranger Cookies? We are hungry! Haw haw haw!” Our badly bleeding party chose the better part of valor in this delicate moment, and wisely retreated.

How will they prevail in the iron mines? Will they give up and move on to an Eberron campaign? Stay tuned!



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