The Northern Alliance

Barrow of the Forgotten King, Part 2

In which midnight sure rolls around fast

Hereafter, my descriptions serve as official recaps to my players, with appropriate excruciating meta-game detail:

The first task of the night was to cross a rope bridge, which nearly cost Lucas his life. Deviating from the module, I gave Lucas a reflex save to grab the rope as it broke, and a strength check to hold on. He excelled at both, but his legs still grazed the surface of the water below, ample opportunity for the flotsam ooze to strike. It dragged Lucas under, but the wily escapist surfaced soon after. The party couldn’t quite finish off the creature, but it wounded it gravely enough for it to retreat. CR:3

A broken chamber revealed a rope ladder that rose far up to the surface—is this how our tomb robbers got in? For some reason, a choker was hiding in wait, but was no match for the group. CR: 2

The ancient and elaborate frescoes of the next oddly partitioned room held our first look at an odd kind of goblin who’s dead bodies we have encountered earlier in the complex: these horned goblins seem somehow more feral than your everyday variety. An attack from a zombified goblin alerts two sentries who sneak up from behind and nearly wipe Lia off the map. They were resilient and quick, and it took us a while to put them down. As soon as the last blow fell, we broke for the night without even searching the room. Here’s what the party found (in abstentia) upon the bodies of the two living goblins:

  • 3 sets studded leather armor (one with a magical aura!)
  • 3 masterwork scimitars
  • 1 masterwork short sword
  • 1 masterwork shortbow
  • 57 gp in the purses
  • foul bedding gear and chamber pots and a chest full of preserved meat

CR: 4



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