The Northern Alliance

Exit Scions: In which we finally, at long last, after many months and delays, finished a module

Man, we don’t get together often enough. Doggone those wives, children, jobs, responsibilities, moral obligations and DVRed “CSI:Miami”s!

Here’s how the end of “Scions of Punjar played out. Redgar, Lia and Gareth were abandoned by Maelgwyn (dentist’s visit, maybe?) but joined at the last second by a ranger played by Wukas (who shall hereafter be called Wukas, because I can’t find my notes).

First: The Windmill!

Windmill small

This was one of the more fun battles I’ve ever been a part of. After dispatching a squad of scarecrows and a fusillade of magic missiles from the high tower, half the party reconned the windmills base, while Wukas – what else? – climbed the blades of the mill.

When the terrestrial heroes went through the front door of the mill, they came face to face with the salt troll zombie, who put the gears of the mill into motion. Look out, Wukas! He just barely leaped onto the ledge of the upper window and scrambled in. The party is officially split!

What Wukas discovered upstairs was … nothing. The magical assailant had fled the room. But he did trigger the glyph trap that would have fried anyone climbing up the ladder. Here’s the cutaway view, sponsored by Planters Peanuts:

Windmill cutaway3story

Planters: Now made with pure sea salt! Anyway, a few rounds later, Wukas shinnies down ladders and stairs where he witnesses the zombie fight under way. What does he do? HE LEAPS ON THE SPINNING GEARS TO LAUNCH AN ATTACK!

Gear fight small

That’s what I’m talking about! After killing the troll – and learning that killing a 4E troll is only the beginning – our party descends some stairs, kills some spiders (that persistent bitch is still hiding behind an arrow slit firing magic missiles!), and down to an underground cavern where more undead nasties put up a fight.

Thanks to some fortuitous rolling and quick thinking, the party avoids the pit trap full of skeletal hands and the riverbed loaded with undead sentries. Instead they engage their prey – Cadavra the Necromancer – and take her down. With prejudice.

Their plunder includes one big mama-jama of a cauldron, bedecked in evil hieroglyphics and assorted goth flourishes. Coupled with a thick tome entitled “The Cauldron of Illserves” and a +2 cudgel of command, this is the tool she used to raise an army of undead…

... an army that is apparently scattered in hidden locations around Punjar. Notes and half-scribbled maps hint that there are scores of zombies lying in wait around the city, waiting for the chance to attack. What, oh what, will become of them? (Well, I bet you have a pretty good guess…)


Love the photographs!!! You’ll have to show me how to add them!


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