The Northern Alliance

The (Low-Level) Adventure Begins

...and then re-begins again once more!

A party of four down-on-their luck wannabe adventurers found themselves recruited from their barstools to travel to a remote town in need of a firm hand to take on a plague of goblins (known to the rest of us as WOTC’s “Scourge of the Howling Horde”). The heroes of this heady tale: Lia the elven wizard, Redgar the dwarven knight, Gareth the cleric (“the other elf”), and the all-too-human Lucas, who specializes in skulking, slinking, and picking locks.

Thanks to some cunning capture, interrogation, negotiation and diplomatic skills, our heroes skipped 90% of the module in a single blow, facing a black dragon within a few minutes of sitting down for our first session. They weaseled all the relevant backstory out of a captured goblin; drew out the hobgoblin tribe leader with a hostage ploy; then negotiated a return to peaceful goblin-townsfolk relations in exchange for access to the bossy black dragon putting them up to their recent naughty behaviors. (The dragon narrowly escaped with its life.) Great gameplay!...but a waste of a module. So…

In our next session, the notoriety of the party (now second level) has spread far enough that they are sent for by another local town with an amazingly similar goblin problem. Their lair is even remarkably similar! This time our team goes in bashing heads, and after some coy and cautious dungeoneering and an overnight in a sealed goblin chapel, the party decides to take on the horde all at once. It pretty much requires one initiative roll to polish up every foot soldier in the place, and the Big Bosses drop soon after. Good game sense and hot dice save the day.



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