Maelgwyn, a kindly Ranger (kind of)


S- 18 S- 18 C- 12 D- 18 (+2 Racial, +1 4th) I- 12 (+2 Racial) W- 17 (+1 4th) Ch- 10

  • Defences: HP- 44 (Toughness feat +5 per tier) AC- 19 Fort- 16 Ref- 16 Will- 17 (+1 Racial/+5 Charm)

Passive Insight: 14 Passive Perception: 19 Action Points: 1

Trained Skills: Acrobatics- 8; Athletics-9; Diplomacy-6; Nature- 9; Stealth- 8;

  • Feats: Toughness (with Two Weapon Fighter build);Lethal Hunter; Eladrin Soldier; Quick Draw Hunters Quarry (Ranger build)

Weapons/ Armor:

Longsword 1-8, Shortsword 1-6, (Two Handed Weapon), Longbow, 1-10


Fey Origin; Eladrin weapon proficiency; Eladrin Will (+1 will, +5 charm); Fey Step (5 teleport); Trance (not need sleep, can “trance” 4 hours.


Maelgwyn comes from a long line of partial Grey Elf, a rare type of Elf (some call them the first of the Elven races) and has not seen much of the world. When he was young, he watched the chosen from his clan go through the “Rites of Transformation”, an ancient rite that is in some tomes traced to Grey Elves. It has changed, as has the movement of the Eladrin into a Fey origin. Some believe the Grey Elves made a pact with nature to become one with the Fey world so as to make a complete break with thier Elvish brothers, as many had abandoned the secluded ways of the Elvish people. As a young soldier in the elite Eladrin guard of his people. He served well, but was restless each 1st moon (like springtime) when the trained Eladrin took place in thier ceremonies.

On a patrol last year, Maelgwyn led a group of soldiers on a long mission to find other Eladrin groups in the (enter here)!!!!! area. They travelled four weeks on end, and found nothing. Someone had noticed them, however. An unknown force, felt by some of the more arcane members of the group, had found these Eladrin so far from home, and had plans for them. After taking his watch, he felt restless and decided to wander off a bit. He had walked but 1/2 a mile when lightning broke in the area near his camp. The sky was clear, and Maelgwyn ran back to camp, only to find the charred remains of the weapons and armor the party was wearing. The camp looked like seven Eladrin in armor, only without thier bodies.

Maelgwyn waited till dawn, and looked for some clues as to what had become of his party. He used his Fey powers to attempt to see if the had moved deeper in the Fey world, abondoning him? What about the lightning? Why was the equipment there, not undone but as if the bodies had been stolen away. He decided to contact a Fey creature to bring news of the dissapearence to the families, but could not return as the only living, untouched member of the party.

It was Maelgwyn’s time, rituals or not, to leave the area and earch for his friends, stopping and asking questions when he felt it proper. he arrived in …... (insert place)


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